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We are a part of the Assemblies of God. We believe: the bible is God's Word; Jesus is fully God; God cares for us and hears our prayers. and He is active in the world through many means, including healing & miracles, and salvation; for more information, click here.

Common Questions

What does it mean to be "saved"?

God is entirely good and never does anything wrong. All people, however, are not God and do not share His perfect nature. We also all choose to do things that God would not do (not being honest, taking what isn't ours, thinking bad thoughts about others, etc.), this is called "sinning" against God. Since everyone has sinned, everyone is guilty and needs to be forgiven by the judge (God). When you are forgiven, you are "saved" from your sin and the punishment that you deserved.

How can I be "saved"?

Jesus came to earth and died in our place. Since He is God He could forgive, and since He fully became human, He could die in our place. All we have to do is:

1) believe Him; that He died in our place and forgives us if we ask Him to 

2) obey Him; He accepts us no matter what our history, color, or status because He is good. He commands us who are saved to live our lives for Him and leave our sin behind, but this is a process that happens as we believe Him more every day.

What is Baptism, and why should I do it if I'm saved?

Baptism is a symbolic act of being submersed in water in front of the church as a public declaration that you have died to yourself (going down in the water) and have been risen to a new life through salvation (coming back up out of the water) even as Jesus Himself died for us and was raised to life again.

In being baptized we obey God and remind ourselves that death is not the end for us, but the beginning of eternal peace in heaven. Baptism does not save us nor does any action on our part; salvation is through God's grace, which we experience when we have faith by believing Him.

Meet The Team

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